The Korean Society of Climate Change Research 1

Journal of Climate Change Research - Vol. 12 , No. 5_1

6. p.421 Selection of 30 Indicator Species for Climate Change in Agroecosystem Using Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) and Expert Questionnaire Survey
Kim, Myung-Hyun, Choi, Soon-Kun, Choi, Sei-Woong, Jung, Chuleui, Oh, Young-Ju, Kim, Min-Kyeong, Eo, Jinu, Yeob, So-Jin, Bang, Jeong Hwan

8. p.443 Analysis and Evaluation of A/R CDM Projects in India for Abroad Afforestation Project
Yoo, Somie, Song, Cholho, Hong, Mina, Kim, Whijin, Kim, Jiwon, Ko, YoungJin, Lee, Woo-Kyun

9. p.461 Assessment of Model Performance in East Asia Based on the CMIP6 Multi-Model Ensemble
Lee, Jae-Hee, Sung, Hyun Min, Kim, Jisun, Shim, Sungbo, Ha, Jong-Chul, Byun, Young-Hwa, Kim, Yeon-Hee