The Korean Society of Climate Change Research 1

Journal of Climate Change Research - Vol. 5 , No. 2
1. p.95 A Study for Activation Measure of Climate Change Mitigation Movement
Cho Sung Heum, Lee Sang Hoon, Moon Tae Hoon, Choi Bong Seok, Park Na Hyun, Jeon Eui Chan

2. p.109 Applicability Analysis of Major Crop Models on Korea for the Adaptation to Climate Change
Song Yongho, Lim Chul-Hee, Lee Woo-Kyun, Eom Ki-Cheol, Choi Sol-E, Lee Eun Jung, Kim Eunji

3. p.127 Estimating Radial Growth Response of Major Tree Species using Climatic and Topographic Condition in South Korea
Choi Komi, Kim Moonil, Lee Woo-Kyun, Gang Hyeon-u, Chung Dong-Jun, Ko Eun-jin, Yun Byung-Hyun, Kim Chan-Hoe